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These are our editorials and columns.


Why an Opinion Page?

     Newspapers are supposed walk through the minefield of political thought with no bias, right?

     While it is true news stories should provide straight ahead accounts of events, the editorial page has traditionally offered a place to discuss ideas provoked by news. Such opinion general comes in the form of editorials, op-eds (local opinion columns), letters to the editor and syndicated columnists. The Anderson Observer will give space to each of these areas.

     Our editorials will offer insights, ideas and advice on local issues based on informed analysis. Editorials are designed to provoke thought and public debate. We hope ours do. These will be a mix of praise, criticism and musings of what could be.

     We will also feature regular commentary on local events from area leaders. These op-eds will allow leaders in the community to directly address important ideas and events which will effect Anderson County in their own words. Their conclusions are informed ones, based on experience and knowledge. The Anderson Observer welcomes such contributions.

     We also welcome letters to the editor. Letters must be 500 words are less, and including the full name, city/town of the writer, and a contact number to confirm the letter (the number will never be published). All letters must be submitted via the "Submit Letter" form listed under "Opinions."

     Finally, we will feature links to columnists whose work represents almost every major political viewpoint. This list will be constantly updated.

     It is our hope these opinion pages stir up healthy discussion on local issues.

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