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Random Notes, Week of March 12-18

AnMed is getting out of the for-profit pharmacy business. Waiting now for details from the hospital.

At long last it appears the Anderson County Farmers Market may be returning to a policies which will make it grow and it's about time. Look for a story in the Observer later this week.

The long-ago announced Groucho's Deli is apparently still planned for downtown in the ACT Theater building. Details to come. Permits have been filed and work is under way on finishing design efforts.

Meanwhile, Freddy's Frozen Custard and Burgers is almost ready to open on 81 N near Quick Trip.

But with the closing of The District, the hot dog place and a Mexican restaurant, downtown still seems to lack a strategic plan to attract and help new businesses.

Anderson County's jobless rate jumped dramatically in January, leaping to 4.7 percent. Every other county in the state posted similar increases, also the statwide numbers did not.

This is mostly due to the odd way the South Carolina Employment and Workforce's choice in counting numbers. Statewide figures are seasonally adjusted, while individualy county numbers are not. Makes it difficult to compare, and creates confusion.

P.A.W.S. is offering free adoption of large-breed dogs through March 17 as part of their “Larger then Leprechans” event. Good time to adopt a big dog if you have been looking.

The Anderson County Farmers Market needs a philisophical overhaul. Watch for a story this week in the Observer on why our market seems to lack the farmers and crowds of some neighboring counties.

Bassmaster Classic is this week and there are plentifuly local events leading up to the tournament this weekend. Watch our calendar for details.


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