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Random Notes, Week of March 19-25


A number of folks have asked me about Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers new location on S.C. 81 North, which is getting closer to completion. A spokesman for the company said the tentaive opening date coult be as early as April 8, but an announcement has not yet been made for a firm date.

Anderson County Council announced last night that the county has hired an attorney to sue the maker of opioids. Interesting decision, given the line of lawsuits in this matter is getting longer every day. Maybe a good decision, or money wasted. Time will tell.

Filing for this year's primaries and elections is under way. If you ever wanted to run for poitical office, you have until March 30 to throw your hat in the ring. You can file at the Anderson County Offiice of Voter Registration downtown.

There are a number of sources suggesting the proposed hotel in the Church Street parking lot area downtown may be dead in the water. The entire project has been shadowed by questions, from the property being sold well under market value, to the guarantees allegedly attached to the reduce the risk from the buyer. The requirement of 60 percent occupancy is more than a little optimistic for a 100-bed hotel downtown, espeically given the Bleckley Inn is almost never at that rate with its 20 beds.

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