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The Lunch Box: Everyday is Thanksgiving at Steakhouse 41

 The Lunch Box is a weekly feature of the Anderson Observer. The feature is not paid advertising, and the opinions and suggestions belong to the writer of each selection.

One of the highlights of my life is finding a good place for a tasty lunch. Each week The Lunch Box will highlight a meal I have found to be a delicious and consistent go-to choice. This is not a restaurant review, it is a “best of” what to eat for lunch in Anderson County. If you have suggestions for a great plate of food, email me at 

Today's Lunch Box

Opening the Lid

Main Course: Turkey and Dressing (Wednesday and Sunday) from Steakhouse 41 (formerly Carlee's)

If you are from the South, you should be pretty familiar with meat-and-three meals. If not, you really need to get out more.

A legacy of the huge farmhouse table spreads families gathered around after church on Sundays for generations - which always included more than “three” and often an additional meat as well - these meals are meant to fill you up and encourage fellowship 

Those who are new to the South only need to know the meat-and-three is a meal offered in restaurants that offers a rotating menu of meats and vegetables (often seasonal), which may/may not change daily.

This week’s lunch box is a premium example of one of my favorite meat-and-three meals in Anderson.

Let me attempt to get the confusion out of the way first. The restaurant serving this meal is in transition between the old name - "Carlee’s and Tony’s" (which recently left the old Western Sizzlin building on North Main) - to "Steakhouse 41," a shoutout to the first part of the address of the location and to the former name of the place, "4126," which did not serve Southern comfort food. The new location will serve fine-dining meals in the eventings, and meat-and-three lunches every day. It’s located in Oak Point, roughly across from the Quick Trip in front of the Shopping Center which houses Old Navy, Ross, Panera, etc., on Clemson Boulevard. The address for your GPS is 4126 Clemson Boulevard. Whew.

But don’t look for a new sign, it’s not there yet.

Meat-and-three lunch is served there seven days a week, and my go-to lunch box meal is the turkey and dressing, which actually counts dressing as one of your three choices of sides. No complaints here. No pressed turkey here, the meat is moist and has a lot of flavor, especially for turkey. The slices/pieces of real turkey are served over a heaping portion of fine dressing and covered in gravy.

Every day is Thanksgiving with this plate of food. The cornbread dressing is always just right, and the gravy has a real homemade flavor. And did I mention the portion is large? If not, the portion is large.

Add to that, before you even get your plate, they bring a basket full of biscuits and cornbread, both top notch, along with real butter to get you started. 

Side Dishes 

There is always a long roster of side dishes here, but field peas are my first choice. Eaten with the excellent cornbread, I am often tempted to get a bowl of these peas as my full meal. Most days I will two sides of field peas, but when it’s on the menu, I’ll forgo the second helping for a side of deviled eggs. 

Fried okra, mac-and-cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, casseroles, desserts (peach cobbler is a favorite) are also among the many side choices for lunch. 


The iced tea, my usual mix of unsweet and sweet, is consistently good, and servers do an excellent job on refills, key to any good lunch experience.

Closing the Lid

The cost of turkey and dressing and two other sides, or any combination of another meat (try the fried pork chop) and three sides is $10.50, M-Sat, and $13 on Sunday. The price includes iced tea. Right now trying to find information about the restaurant is not easy. Their online presence is a mess, but I attribute that to the transition going on. To find out more, call them at 864-226-3820.

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