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The Lunch Box: DT Taco Brings New Flavors to Old Favorite

Greg Wilson/Anderson Observer

The Lunch Box is a weekly feature of the Anderson Observer. The feature is not paid advertising, and the opinions and suggestions belong to the writer of each selection. 

One of the highlights of my life is finding a good place for a tasty lunch. Each week The Lunch Box will highlight a meal I have found to be a delicious and consistent go-to choice. This is not a restaurant review, it is a “best of” what to eat for lunch in Anderson County. If you have suggestions for a great plate of food, email me at 

Today's Lunch Box


Opening the Lid

When I was growing up in Anderson in the 1960s, there were no Mexican restaurants within easy driving distance (even after I-85 was completed). Today, a quick Google search finds more than 30 places which offer Mexican cuisine in every corner of the county. The newest, which opened not quite two weeks ago, is Downtown Taco (also know as DT Taco) in Anderson.

Located at 134 North Main, the restaurant has been completely upgrade and renovated since it last housed the Italian cafe which previously inhabited the space. The new floor plan offers more space, light and just generally has a better all around vibe. 

What distinguishes DT Taco from the other Mexican places in the area is it’s unusual spin on it’s namesake, the taco. Steak, Pork Belly, Bacon Cheeseburger, Buffalo Chicken and Shrimp tacos are among the offerings on the menu, but I was more intrigued by the Bird Dog Taco and the Gyro Taco.

The history of the bird dog sandwich is a little fuzzy, but in most spots it’s friend chicken, bacon, cheese topped with honey mustard on a hoagie roll or hot dog bun. DT Taco takes the same recipe, adds a little lettuce and put it in a soft taco shell.

The results are good.  The flavors work even better without the extra bread. I did have to ask for extra honey mustard, though. Not sure if it was an anomaly, but the other person at my table also had trouble finding any visible trace honey mustard on her bird dog as well. But the chicken was good, the bacon real and the honey mustard well made.

The Gyro Taco was even better, with the tradition gyro meat, lettuce, tomato and onion with a good tzatziki sauce added to the mix.  The meat was generous and full of flavor and I suspect this will be a favorite among those who like Gyros. Again, not nearly enough sauce was included with the taco, but the service was top-drawer and my server was happy to bring additional sauce for both tacos. 

It is always good to see a new spot which really focuses on good and friendly service, and DT nailed it on my visit. Such service  a good lunch great and a great lunch superior.  

Side Dishes

It’s listed as an appetizer and not a side, but the corn chips were fresh and crispy and the salsa fresh and flavorful, though a bit on the mild for my tastes. That said, it was excellent, and I will order it again. I wanted to taste them before taking a photo, and nearly finished the basket before remembering. (See results, right) DT Taco offers other sides such as Street Corn, Pintos and Cilantro Lime Rice, but I came for tacos on this lunch trip, so I can’t comment on these.


The iced tea, this time I tried both the sweet and unsweet before settling for a mix of the two, is good and extra credit is always in order for those places which offer fresh lemon. I remain baffled by the few holdouts on this omission. They know who they are.

Closing the Lid

The Bird Dog Taco is $3.75 and the Gyro comes in at $3.50. Add chips and salsa for $3 and $2.50 for iced tea and you can have a big lunch as DT Taco for under $13, plus tip, which should be extra generous given the serve I received during lunch. To find out more visit their website or Facebook page.

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