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Summa Joe's Pizza: Fresh, Local Pizza a Lunchtime Winner

Greg Wilson/Anderson Observer

The Lunch Box is a weekly feature of the Anderson Observer. The feature is not paid advertising, and the opinions and suggestions belong to the writer of each selection. 

One of the highlights of my life is finding a good place for a tasty lunch. Each week The Lunch Box will highlight a meal I have found to be a delicious and consistent go-to choice. This is not a restaurant review, it is more a “best of” what to eat for lunch in Anderson County. If you have suggestions for a great plate of food, email me at 

Today's Lunch Box

As Anderson continues to grow, the lunch offerings downtown just get better and better. And one of the places you can find fresh, locally sourced food is Summa (pronounced like “summer”) Joe’s.

And while their menu (and specials chalkboard) features sandwiches, salads, soups, shrimp & grits, and even stir fry, the back page is devoted to this week’s Lunch Box pick, pizza.

Their list of specialty pizzas includes 24 choices, but I went with the Meat Lover, a combination of meatballs, pepperoni, salami, ham and bacon, topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

A generous size for a personal pizza, this 10-inch pie is more than most lunch goers can handle in a single sitting. 

The crust is thin and has just the right crunch, something increasingly difficult to find in my experience. Too often pizzas seem to be rushed to the table, leaving the crust limp and the cheese barely melted.

Not at Summa Joe’s.  The cheese was plentiful and melted into a mixture that help everything in place just the way I like it. As the name indicates, the meat is stacked high in every bite.

The resulting flavor is spot on, salty and a little smoky, with crispy bacon countering the chewy pepperoni and hearty meatballs. 

The guests at my table chose other pizzas, and the consistency and toppings seemed to equal mine, right down to that great crust. 

There are no sides included with the pizza, but it matters little because few could finish the main dish in a sitting.

The iced tea, with my customary half sweet/half unsweet, was excellent and the service was friendly, attentive and fast.

The Meat Lover pizza is $11.99, and you will a likely be taking close to half of it home for supper. Add $2.89 for iced tea and your lunch will cost you under $15. 

Owners Joe and Summer Fredette (the name of the restaurant is a take on Summer), are to be commended for their commitment to finding supporting local farms for their meats, dairy and seasonal produce. Fresh is always better, and local is fresher and better yet.

Summa Joe’s is located at 127 North Main Street. For menu, hours and more information, visit

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