Fish Auction Expected to Lure Art Lovers
Friday, August 21, 2009 at 2:54PM

Fish Finale Silent Auction


Trophy Fish

  1. Looking Fintastic by Wyn Foland
  2. Oh Golden Pond by Ruth Hopkins
  3. Bass Buddies by Fran Humphries
  4. Bass #12 by Breann Lollis
  5. Go Fish! by Stacey McAdams
  6. Something Smells Phishy by Johnny Nutt
  7. Sushi by Bonnie West
  8. All American Bass by Cody Snider
  9. Maestro Basshour by Ellen Spainhour
  10. Pirate’s Treasure by Ian Looney
  11. Ru Fish Porter by Pat Bell
  12. Holy Mackerel by Amy Hopkins
  13. Fish in the Sunset by Nancy Perry
  14. Electric City Roll by Ellen & Erin Spainhour
  15. Nile Perch by Myrl Garment


Large Fish

  1. Fish in Moonlight by John Acorn
  2. Japanese Gyotaku Fish by Troy Ayers
  3. Electric City Roll by Erin Spainhour
  4. Anchored in Art by Fran Humphries
  5. Pirate’s Treasure by Ian Looney
  6. Maestro Basshour by Ellen & Erin Spainhour
  7. Wide Angled Bass by Kristy Williamson
  8. Ru Fish Porter by Pat Bell
  9. Country Fish/City Fish by Mark Edlien
  10. Going to Art School by Lynda Slattery
  11. Maid to Fish by Ann Heard & Kimberly Spears
  12. Fruit Bassket by Pat Bell
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