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Parking Lot Fire Destroys Five Cars at NewSpring Church

A fire in the parking lot of NewSpring Church in Anderson destroyed five cars during Sunday morning services.

NewSpring Pastor Perry Noble wrote this about the incident:

"At the 11:15 service at our Anderson campus the engine to a Ford F-150 caught on fire…and, because it was windy this afternoon, the fire spread to other cars.  Long story short…five cars were pretty much destroyed and six others were damaged. 

Several things to note…

#1 – No one was injured!  The fire took place in the back section of one of our parking lots while the service was going on.

#2 – The local fire department was AWESOME…these guys responded in a matter of minutes and were able to quickly get the situation under control.

#3 – Our staff and volunteers were awesome as well and made sure everyone whose car had been destroyed and damaged were informed and taken care of.

#4 – Everyone I spoke to after the service whose car had been messed up had an amazing attitude!  One lady literally told me, “Well, I have been asking God for a new car…He sure does answer in unique ways!”

#5 – It was one guys FIRST visit to NewSpring Church…wow…I hope he comes back!

Seriously…I am SO GLAD no one was hurt!!!

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