"Moon Over Buffalo" Begins April 7 at ECP
Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 9:09PM

Moon Over Buffalo, written by Ken Ludwig and directed by Steve Schultz, is a Broadway Comedy focused on zany life of theatre people. A once famous theatrical couple, George and Charlotte Hay, have begun to fray at the edges. George is fond of cheap women and cheaper liquor, Charlotte is prone to temperaments and their shows aren't bringing in the customers like they used to. When Charlotte suspects George of yet another affair, she stomps out and George goes on yet another bender - and is dead drunk by the time Hollywood calls in the form of celebrated director Frank Capra, who is considering the Hays as the stars of his newest project. Can they find George, sober him up, and patch up the family before Capra arrives?
The play is told with twists, turns, collisions, mistaken identities, ridiculous miscommunications, slapstick antics, some terrifying swordplay and a stage set with far too many doors. Add to all that a hostile, near-deaf mother-in-law, a couple of love triangles, an overly square weatherman, a chance at stardom and it has just as many face-paced moments of genuine affection between the characters as it does absurdly hilarious moments. Well known as the play that brought Carol Burnett back to Broadway, it opens at the Electric City Playhouse on April 7 and runs Thursday through Saturdays at 8PM and Sundays at 3PM until April 17. Tickets are $15 for adults, $13 for Seniors and $8 for Students, with group discounts available. To purchase tickets please call (864) 224-4248 or email info@ecplayhouse.com for information.
Pictured back left to right are Clay Fisher, Nikki Ballew, Stu Adamo, Steve Schultz, Allyson Cauble, Bethany Davy, Hunter Davy, Erin Schultz, Michael Friedman and Shannon Faulkner.

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