22 Whitehall Students Duke Scholar Participants
Friday, April 1, 2011 at 10:15AM

Whitehall Elementary School has 22 students participating in the 2011 4th/5th Grade Talent Search through Duke University.  The students scored in the 95th percentile or higher on one or more PASS subtests or in the 95th percentile or higher on one or more MAP tests administered during the past two years.  Duke TIP works with schools and families to provide a wide array of educational opportunities to academically gifted students, such as above level testing experience (prep for SAT and ACT), writing contests, book clubs, and math and science courses.

Fourth Grade Students:  Steven Chen, Isis Cromwell, Lauren Edmonds, Drew Jacobs, Leo Pham, Greyson Madden, Mary Evelyn Stansell, Ben Van Buren, Jake Van Buren
Fifth Grade Students:  Taylor Broadwell, Preston Clinemyer, Caleb Cox, Nickolas Dunn, Grace Harbin, Kobe Middleton, Jason Norton, Brody Norton, Brenda Rodriguez, Daniel Saavadra, Sayler Schuster, Sarah Sherrell, Ashley Winn

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