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NewSpring Singer Making Waves on "The Voice"

Delvin Choice isn’t shy. When asked the Greenville native belted out a song in the middle of the WYFF News 4 studios, but that stage is much smaller than the one he faced last week on NBC’s "The Voice".

All four judges turned around hoping to get Choice on their teams during blind auditions in season six. No chairs turned around when he tried out in season five.

"No chairs to four chairs. That is amazing. Don't give up on your dream," Choice told WYFF News 4’s Mandy Gaither. "I thank (all the fans) so very much for your love and support. The best is still yet to come. Team Lobster! I'm trying tell you. It's about to go global!"

Choice’s fan base is called "Team Lobster" as an ode to his hairstyle. 

Choice works at the Starbucks in Anderson. He goes to church at Newspring and lives in the Greenville area. 

"The longer that I'm on the show the more South Carolina is on the show. The longer Greenville is on the show. The longer you have somebody that represents God, but also the child that has a dream, but does not know quite how to get it. It represents the person who was told no, and yet did not allow those negative thoughts and negative people to stop them from doing what they're doing," said Choice. 

Choice said he’s resting up and spending time with friends and family before having to go back to Los Angeles to "work." He called being on the show "work" because he said he’s on assignment to win.

"Just pray that I'm singing something that will keep me on the show," said Choice.

Choice’s song featured on “The Voice” last week can already be downloaded from iTunes.

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