School Bus Safety Tips to Improve Back to School Safety
Monday, August 17, 2015 at 8:46AM

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety refers to school bus pick-up and drop-off as “danger zones” and have several tips for parents, students, and drivers who use or encounter a school bus stop on South Carolina roads.

It is also illegal in all 50 states to pass a school bus that has stopped to allow students to board or exit the bus, safety officials said.

School buses use flashing lights, mechanical signals and retractable stop signs to alert drivers at bus stops.

The SCDPS has issued the following safety rules for motorists.

Safety officials also encourage parents to instruct children on how to get on and off the bus safely.

Areas around parked school buses are considered danger zones. Safety officials said the zone includes areas within teen feet from the front, sides and back of the bus. All of these areas are where children are at the greatest risk of not being seen by bus drivers and other vehicles.

Officials urge parents and students to know these safety practices listed below.

School bus safety also includes behavior on the school bus. Officials have released the following safety rules for students in transit.

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