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Multiple New S.C. Moped Laws Go into Effect Nov. 19

South Carolina is making some sweeping changes to Moped Laws beginning Nov. 19.
Here’s what you need to know about the changing laws as a moped owner:
- The state’s “motor vehicle” definition no longer excludes mopeds.
- Mopeds do not have motors exceeding 50cc or 750-1500 watts.
- Operators must possess a valid driver’s license/moped operator’s license (MOL) and registration at all times. A MOL is for those who 15-16 years old, who can only drive during daytime hours. If accompanied by a 21-year-old in viewing area, they can drive during the nighttime. A 16-year-old with a MOL can drive alone any time.
- Through registration, a proper “MOPED” plate will be provided. This must be displayed.
- Moped operators are required to drive in the farthest right lane, unless making a left turn.
- All moped operators under 21 years of age must wear helmets.
- It’s unlawful to drive mopeds more than 35 miles-per-hour.
- It’s unlawful to drive mopeds on roads with speed limits greater than 55 miles-per-hour.
- Headlights and operational lights required at all times.
- Mopeds are not required to be titled or insured, as long as this motor vehicle does not exceed specific definitions.

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