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BHP Manufacturing Classroom Aims to Provide High-Tech Workers

Observer Reports

Belton-Honea Path High School launched an initiative this year to bring needed manufacturing skills to students. 

The "Introduction to Manufacturing" classroom serves more than 100 students with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, and aims to provide hands on experience to students looking to participate in the growing high-tech manufacturing work force.

“Touring this class I was very impressed with all the equipment all the way down to how organized each toolbox was laid out," said Kevin Craft, President/Owner - IMS Belton. "This teaches the students to pay attention to details. As a General & Mechanical Contractor in Anderson School District Two, we need a class like this to prepare our students with the skills I need them to have to begin working for me upon high school graduation.”

“This new manufacturing program will have a significant impact for students looking for a career path opportunity," said Greg Tysl, vice-president of manufacturing at Med-line Industries, Inc. "High-tech manufacturing job opportunities are increasing in Anderson County, and students fortunate enough to be in the BHP manufacturing program will have skill sets that will be advantageous for these high paying jobs.” 

Officials at BHP said the goal is to graduate high school with the skills to be prepared for Anderson County manufacturing job market.

The last decade has witnessed a surge in manufacturing companies moving to or expanding in Anderson County, investing more than $3.3 billion since 2008. Public schools moved to meet the need for highly trained employees at the Anderson County School Districts 1 & 2 Career Center and soon at the new Anderson Institute of Techonology which will serve school districts 3,4, & 5, which will open for the 2019 school year.

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