Getting It Right; Why Readers are Important to the Process
Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 10:02PM

Greg Wilson/Anderson Observer

A story posted last night in the Anderson Observer suggested that 98 percent of Anderson County voters chose to vote straight ticket. This was incorrect, a combination of poor data and a misinterpretation of the numbers.

This would have gone uncorrected if not for Karen Elaine Cole Claflin, who spotted the error and posted the correction, and for that this newspaper is in her debt.

The story has been corrected to refelct a straight-party voting of 64 percent in Anderson County, 71 percent Republican, 72 percent Democrat.

This is an example of why all readers (and those who watch broadcast news) should investigate what is reported and call for corrections when information is in error. The Anderson Observer welcomes this important role readers play in today's news cycles. 

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