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Today's Runoff to Choose GOP Candidate for Governor

If you voted in the June 12 GOP Primary, or if you didn't vote in that day's primaries at all, you are eligible to vote into today's Republican Primary Runoff election to choose that party's candidate for governor of South Carolina. Polls open at 7 a.m.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster is trying to hold off a hard-charging businessman who was a complete unknown in the state six months ago in Tuesday's Republican primary runoff election.

McMaster was one of President Donald Trump's earliest supporters and welcomed the president to West Columbia for an election-eve rally. Vice President Mike Pence also campaigned with McMaster in Myrtle Beach on Saturday.

But John Warren says his outsider candidacy makes him more like Trump than McMaster.

Last night, President Donald Trump campaigned Monday for the state's GOP governor, who is in a tense runoff election — but made the vote all about himself, too.

Speaking of Gov. Henry McMaster, Trump told an overflow rally crowd: "If a horrible thing happened and we weren't lucky enough to have Henry win ... they will say Donald Trump suffered a major, major defeat in the great state of South Carolina. It was a humiliating defeat for Donald Trump."

"So please, get your asses out tomorrow and vote," he said.

Trump did allow that his reputation wasn't the only reason to back McMaster: "You've got to get out there and vote and, honestly, not for that reason." And while Trump suggested he was joking, he did put his own credibility on the line by going all-in for McMaster.

The president also used the rally to revisit past battles by digging into his tough trade negotiations with U.S. allies, his ongoing fight with Democrats over immigration, his 2016 election and a long-running feud with television's late-night talk-show hosts.

Trump arrived an hour late after storms forced Air Force One to circle South Carolina's capital city.

"I have never taken a longer trip ever to South Carolina," he joked later, before quickly imploring Republicans to back McMaster in Tuesday's contest against Greenville businessman John Warren, a political newcomer.

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