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S.C. Teachers Could Get Pay Raise in the Fall

South Carolina teachers could be getting a pay raise this fall. The bill would increase the starting salary to $32,000 and all other salaries would get a one-percent increase.

Bernadette Hampton, the President of the South Carolina Education Association, says raising pay will help keep teachers in education.

"We hope that they will continue to increase that amount over a five-year period or a ten-year period so that we can adequately reach the starting salary of $40,000 in South Carolina which will be more comparable to other professions," said Hampton.

While pay is one of the big issues in the South Carolina Education system, Hampton says more needs to be addressed to keep teachers in school.

"Working conditions, lack of support from administrators, the challenges we face in the classroom in reference to student behavior, compensation as well, and not adequately being prepared in receiving the professional development that we need. There's multiple factors that contribute to why teachers are leaving," explained Hampton.

While the budget lists for a one percent raise, it still won't be set in stone until the budget is officially approved.

The raise was approved by a conference committee of house and senate lawmakers. But it still must get final approval when the budget is voted on Thursday. If that happens, it would go to Governor Henry McMaster, who would have the option to veto it.

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