"I Voted" Stickers Redesigned Ahead of June 12 Primaries
Saturday, June 9, 2018 at 11:49AM

South Carolina's "I Voted" stickers have a new look-just in time for the state's Democratic and Republican primaries on Tuesday.

The new design is meant to commemorate South Carolinian voters, according to the non-profit organization Palmetto Project. 

"Voting is something South Carolina does really well, and it should be celebrated," said Steve Skardon, executive director of Palmetto Project. 

The new stickers feature more of South Carolina's outline and have a white crescent on a blue field.  The organization said the new design also has a social media address that will let voters share their Election Day photos across all platforms. 

“The message is that voting is more than an individual act, but something we do together as South Carolinians who belong to a wider community,” Skardon said.

Article originally appeared on The Anderson Observer (http://andersonobserver.com/).
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