County Hopes to Address Dispatch Needs Soon
Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 6:50PM

Despite increasing salaries, which has helped in recruitment, Anderson County hopes to find new ways to retain 911-Emergency Dispatch workers.

"Every county in the state is having a big problem with getting qualified dispatch help," said Anderson County Councilman Ray Graham Tuesday night. 

Graham said dispatch communications is crucial.

"We're struggling trying to cover the whole system," Graham said.

Graham said Anderson County Emergency Management Director Lt. David Baker has put a program in place to address the concerns.

"Hopefully in the next three-to-six months we'll have this up to where it needs to be," Graham said.

In the past few years, the call center has averaged 10 open positions, but currently 14 positions are unfilled. Officials told WSPA-TV part of the issue is the short duration of those who fill these positions, which currently averages two to four years due to other growing opportunities in the first responder field.

Better scheduling to increase staff during peak hours is among the primary goals of the county. Anderson County Councilman Ray Graham said improved training now under way should also make a difference.

"It could be four to six months down the road before you even knew if the candidates would make it as a dispatcher and now they have some programs in place that they can kind of put them in the hot seat on a training atmosphere right off the top of the program," Graham said. Graham said the call center should be close to fully staffed within six months.
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