WSPA: Anderson Fireworks Stands Battle for Good Cause
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 at 9:40PM

ANDERSON Co., SC (WSPA) - It's a friendly competition between two fireworks stands in Anderson County this Independence Day.  

Big Jack's Fireworks has been a well known fixture in the area for over a decade giving back to community members.

Last year, they painted one of their stands pink and donated the proceeds from it to Kim Strickland, a Broadway firefighter battling breast cancer.

This year they decided to have some fun and compete in what they are calling the "Battle of the Sparks." A twenty-year veteran and comedian Chris Moo-Moo Phillips will face off against actor and rookie Adam Minarovich on who can sell more fireworks.

"We came up with a bet that if I sell less fireworks I have to wear this bikini and shave my head and if he sells less he will wear nothing, but daisy dukes and we will wax his camel like back," Minarovich said.

The competition will go until about 6 p.m. on July 4th with Phillips selling at the location on Abbeville Highway and Minarovich at the new Main Street location.

The pink stand is back out this year at the substation for the Broadway Fire Department off Old Williamston Road.  This year they are donating their proceeds to another fellow firefighter who's traveling to Charleston for his daughter to have brain surgery. For a $5 donation, you can be entered into a drawing for the biggest firework pack the stand is selling. The drawing will take place Wednesday afternoon.

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