Farmers Asked to Use Online Form for Faster Storm Relief Funds
Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 1:43PM

CLEMSON — The storm will pass. Then comes the work of assessing the deluge of damage.

A single damage assessment form for farmers — available online now — will help gather information that state and federal officials can use to speed relief.

“We will need to know what problems we face so that resources can be allocated to meet the need,” said Charlotte Krugler, emergency preparedness veterinarian for Clemson University Livestock-Poultry Health (LPH), a regulatory agency that oversees animal health issues. “These damage estimates also will help the state submit federal disaster applications promptly and accurately.”

The Emergency Support Function 17, or ESF-17, form has been updated for Hurricane Florence. It is posted on the LPH Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery page at

The form can be filled out and submitted online after the storm, but farmers can access the page now to prepare for the post-storm assessment process.

Clemson Extension agents will assist in collecting the data as part of their roles in helping farmers after a weather disaster, said Clemson Extension Director Tom Dobbins.

“Our agents will be ready to assist our farmers in any role needed to ensure they receive the maximum disaster relief benefits,” Dobbins said. “For generations they’ve been helping South Carolina farmers in situations like this. While we hope for the best, we’re prepared for whatever comes.”

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