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Transportation Committee Oks Funds for Innovative Paving Project

Greg Wilson/Anderson Observer

The Anderson County Transportation Committee recently approved increased or additional funding for a number of projects/improvements for the county's road system, including an innovative recycling iniative on Levi Smith Road.

The process, called hot in-place recycling, words with a train-like tractor which grinds the surface and shoots it back to a mobile ashphat plant which adds whatever is need before dumping into spreader and to put back on the road completing the project. The process will cost $400,000 on the two-mile stretch of road, a savings of almost $500,000 from traditional metods.

Anderson County Council must still approve the process, along with the City of Greenville, which Anderson hopes to join in their own work with this rare and innovative equipment.  

The ACTC also approved:


  • $350,000 for repair of Minor Street in Williamston. The road, which runs behind Town Hall and is near athletic fields and the Anderson County School District One office has been in need of work for several years.
  • $270,000 for the intersection at Big Water Marina, with $180,000 paving of the road from the county's coffers.. 
  • $52,000 for Harbinson Drive on the northeast edge of Williamston. The road is commonly used by heavy trucks for nearby industry and the money will be use for engineering to examine the issue.
  • $800,000 for the priority roads from Anderson County Council members whose districts are in the city limits. The city will provide an additional $80,000 for the work. Most of the priority roads should be taken care of by this allotment.


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