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Westside Watchful after Third Mumps Case in 90 Days

In a letter to the parents of students, Westside High School confirmed a third case of the mumps at the school. Previous cases were reported in late March and in February. 

DHEC will be at Westside tomorrow to answer questions for staff and faculty.

All of the students who have confirmed cases of the mumps were 100 percent up-to-date on their mumps vaccinations, according to a spokesman for Anderson School District Five. The vaccination, however, is not a guarantee a person will not get mumps. The shots do lower the chances of developing the disease.

Mumps can cause swelling in the cheek/jaw, and in other areas such as testicles or the ovaries. The disease can also lead to fever, tiredness, headache, loss of appetite, and muscle aches. 

The South Carolina Department of Health and Enivironmental Concerns regards the disease as highlly contagious, especially in places such as schools or offices. If other cases are reported at Westside, DHEC may require vaccination against the mumps for all students. Those who are not vaccinated will not be allowed back at school until no new cases are reported for at least 25 days.

DHEC suggests the best protection is two doses of the MMR vaccine, something which is already required by law in South Carolina, and which each of the students in the recent cases had already done. (A complete list of required vaccinations can be found here.

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