A total of 16 patents were issued to Clemson University researchers in 2018, inculding technologies for improving on-site building construction with a sustainable building system, purifying lignins and self-healing polymer coatings that inhibit corrosion of metal substrates.

The patent recipients were honored at the annual Patent Award Ceremony hosted by the Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF), which facilitates technology transfer at Clemson University.

In addition to the Patent Awards, Inventor’s Club Awards were presented to inventors who had licensed or otherwise commercialized their technologies in 2018.

The Patent Awards honor and celebrate the drive for research and innovation at Clemson University by showcasing the 16 patents issued for the calendar year 2018. This year’s 16 patents add to CURF’s portfolio of 166 issued patents inventions available for licensing. The awards program honored innovators in areas such as agriculture, bioengineering and materials sciences.

For a complete list of patents received in 2018, click here.