S.C. Supreme Court Says Preston Must Repay Anderson County
Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at 8:34PM

Greg Wilson/Anderson Observer

The South Carolina Supreme Court today upheld the lower court ruling that former Anderson County Administrator Joey Preston must repay the $1.39 million severance package, minus witholdings. The court also ruled that the $355,848 paid into the S.C. State Retirement System, cannot be recovered by Anderson County. The county will be able to recoup the cost of the 2006 Denali county vehicle Preston received in the settlement.

The high court upheld the Court of Appeals decision which found the severance agreement invalid due to the county council’s lack of a quorum and remanded to the circuit court the exact amount Preston must refund the county. 

The amount Preston will be required to refund, based on current figures provided by the court, would be just over $1 million, plus the cost of the vehicle. 

The decision could mean the end of court battles between Preston and Anderson County dating back to his dismissal in 2008. 

The county had appealed a previous verdict in the case which favored Preston, and won a verdict on appeal to the Court of Appeals which required Preston to repay the settlement. The county will also be able to go after Preston for legal fees in the case, which to date have reached around $4 million.

“It shows we were doing the right thing protecting the citizens of Anderson County,” said Anderson County Council Chairman Tommy Dunn. “I hope it will set a state precedent and help other counties, too. I think it’s taken way too long, I’m glad it’s over.”

Read the ruling here.

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