Walk in the Park to Honor Police, Firefighters

A "Red Ribbon Walk in the Park," a free event to honor firefighters and law enforcement officers who were killed in the line of duty in Anderson County and celebrate a drug-free Anderson will be help Oct. 30 at 5:30 p.m. at Chris Taylor Memorial Park behind the Anderson Civic Center.

The public is invited. For more information call 260-4421.


2011 Best New Artist Grammy Winner At Clemson Oct. 17

Bassist, vocalist and composer Esperanza Spalding brings her talents to Clemson University's Brooks Center for the Performing Arts at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 17.
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AnMed Rehabilitation Hospital Earns President’s Circle Award

AnMed Health Rehabilitation Hospital received the National Presidents’ Circle Award during HealthSouth’s Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet Sept. 28 in Phoenix, Ariz.

AnMed Health Rehabilitation Hospital is one of only 13 hospitals in HealthSouth’s nationwide network of 99 rehabilitation hospitals to receive the prestigious award. This distinction recognizes the hospital’s outstanding performance in development of clinical programs, quality of patient care services, employee retention and overall operational excellence.

“The Presidents’ Circle Award recognizes our commitment to high-quality, cost-effective health care,” said Michele Skripps, CEO at AnMed Health Rehabilitation Hospital. “Our success depends on the quality of care provided to each and every patient. This award is the result of the efforts of our physicians, nursing staff, therapists and all other hospital staff to provide an exceptional patient experience. This is the sixth year in a row for us to win an award at this level.”

AnMed Health Rehabilitation Hospital, a joint venture between AnMed Health and HealthSouth, is a 55-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital offering comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. The hospital serves patients throughout the Upstate and northeast Georgia, and is located at 1 Springback Way in Anderson. Learn more about AnMed Health Rehabilitation Hospital online at www.anmedrehab.com.


USA Today Fact-Checks Debate

In the first presidential debate Wednesday night, President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney packed their responses with accusations about each other's policies and defenses of their own.

Here are a few claims that deserve a deeper look:

Private-sector job gains

Claim: Obama said the U.S. economy has created 5 million private-sector jobs the past 30 months.

DEBATE: Battle of economic visions

Facts: After the economy plummeted in late 2007 and throughout 2009, the United States has gained 4.6 million private-sector jobs since the labor market bottomed in February 2010 — or 5.1 million under preliminary revisions released last week that are not part of the official tally by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

ANALYSIS: Romney plays strong offense

Still, that's weak by historical standards. Under President George W. Bush, the private sector also added 5 million jobs in the 30 months after employment hit bottom following the 2001 downturn, and the pace of private-sector gains in the previous two recoveries was far stronger.

Tax cuts

Claim: Obama says Romney's tax plan would cut taxes by $5 trillion over 10 years, inflating the deficit.

Facts: Romney has proposed cutting tax rates by 20% in each bracket, which, the liberal Center for Budget and Policy Priorities says would cost $4.9 trillion over 10 years. Romney said his plan will be paid for by curtailing tax deductions, so middle-class people pay less overall and upper-income people don't see lower taxes. Last month in Ohio, Romney said middle-class people would see little change in their taxes under his plan.

Full Story, Fact Check at USA Today


CP: Newspring Pastor Among Top Christian Bloggers

Longtime blogger and Christian minister Adrian Warnock recently complied a list of the top 200 Christian bloggers ranked by their number of Twitter followers. High on the list are Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren, John Piper of Desiring God Ministries, and Seattle Pastor Mark Driscoll.

Here are the top 10 Christian blogs as ranked by Twitter followers based on Warnock's Sept. 27 list (with most current Twitter stats listed by CP):

1. Rick Warren - Senior Pastor, Saddleback Church
732,642 Followers @RickWarren (Today: 737,813 Followers; 8,988 Following; 6,995 Tweets)

2. John Maxwell - Bestselling author and speaker on leadership490,199 Followers @JohnCMaxwell (Today: 496,549 Followers; 466,321 Following; 3,321 Tweets)

3. John Piper - Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church
355,678 Followers @JohnPiper (Today: 358,592 Followers; 84 Following; 4,894 Tweets)

4. Mark Driscoll - Pastor, Mars Hill Church
278,331 Followers @PastorMark (Today: 280,369 Followers; 4,697 Following; 6,827 Tweets)


5. Beth Moore - Living Proof Ministries
179,687 Followers @BethMooreLPM (Today: 181,980 Followers; 38 Following; 5,171 Tweets)

6. Matt Chandler - Pastor, The Village Church
160,235 Followers @MattChandler74 (Today: 161,843 Followers; 168 Following; 3,519 Tweets)

7. Michael Hyatt - Author, former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers
149,754 Followers @MichaelHyatt (Today: 150,954 Followers; 188 Following; 24,184 Tweets)

8. Donald Miller - Bestselling author and public speaker
120,705 Followers @donaldmiller (Today: 121,864 Followers; 548 Following; 9,676 Tweets)

9. Desiring God - God-centered resources from the ministry of John Piper
119,844 Followers @desiringgod (Today: 120,693 Followers; 568 Following; 6,722 Tweets)

10. Stuff Christians Like - blog founded by author Jon Acuff
114,963 Followers @jonacuff (Today: 115,879 Followers; 53,625 Following; 16,289 Tweets)

11. Scott Williams 113,992
12. Sydney Mohede 100,952
13. Ron Edmondson 92,746
14. Compassion 83,930
15. Bosco Peters 74,414
16. Christianity Today 69,745
17. Perry Noble 69,633
18. Ed Stetzer 66,588
19. Priscilla Shirer 60,654
20. The Resurgence 56,519
21. Josh Harris 55,547
22. Gospel Coalition 51,357
23. Bob Roberts 50,429
24. Al Mohler 45,927
25. Tullian Tchividjian 44,481
26. Patrick Dixon 42,509
27. John MacArthur 37,336
28. Ann Voskamp 32,258
29. Rachelle Gardener 27,930
30. Ligonier 27,806



CP: First Debate Shows Candidate Contrasts

In the first presidential debate Wednesday night in Denver, Colo., President Barack Obama argued for another term in office to recover from the deep recession that began four years ago, and that his rival, Republican Mitt Romney, would return the nation to the economic policies that led to the recession. Romney argued that Obama's policies have not been working and worsened the crisis. He also said that Obama's descriptions of his plans were not true.

Obama argued that Romney's plan would cut taxes by $5 trillion, mostly for the wealthy, and cut programs that help the middle class.

Romney is making the "same sales pitch made in 2001 and 2003" under President George W. Bush, Obama argued, while "Bill Clinton tried the approach I talked about."

Romney repeatedly argued that Obama was not accurately describing his plan. The "number one principle" in his tax plan, Romney said, was that there would be no tax cut that increases the deficit. He also said that he would not, "under any circumstances," raise taxes on middle income Americans.


Henry Molding to Announces $5 Million Expansion

Henry Molded Products Inc., a manufacturer of sustainable molded fiber protective packaging products, today announced that it will expand its South Carolina operations in Anderson County. The more than $5 million investment is expected to generate 18 new jobs over the next five years.
“We are excited about the opportunity to grow our operations in Anderson County. Demand for our products has increased, and this expansion will help us meet our customers’ needs. South Carolina has always provided us with an excellent business environment and a skilled workforce. We appreciate all the support we’ve received from state and local officials,” said Douglass Henry, president of Henry Molded Products Inc.
Henry Molded Products Inc. will locate a new production and distribution facility in Anderson County at 125 Hollow Drive in Piedmont. The company will produce its full line of molded fiber protective packaging products at the new facility. The new operations are expected to be online by January 2013.
“It’s a great day in South Carolina when one of our existing businesses chooses to expand here. We celebrate Henry Molded Products Inc.’s decision to invest more than $5 million and create 18 new jobs in Anderson County. Announcements like this one show we are on the right track with our economic development efforts,” said Gov. Nikki Haley.
Since January 2011, South Carolina has recruited more than $7 billion in capital investment and more than 17,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector.
“Manufacturing continues to be a strong sector for South Carolina, and today’s announcement by Henry Molded Products Inc. is another example of that. Manufacturing is key to wealth creation in South Carolina and every one of these jobs will have impact in Anderson County,” said Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt.
“Competing for jobs and investment is top on our list of priorities,” said Anderson County Councilman Ken Waters. “District 6 is happy to welcome Henry Molded Products to our industry family. This means quality employment opportunities and more than $5 million in investment in our community. The company is an entrepreneurial business with innovative processes and rapid growth potential, and is a great example of the opportunity to be found here in Anderson County.”
The company will begin hiring for the new positions in October. Anyone interested in job opportunities with the company should contact Chris Wright, S.C. facility manager, at cwright@henry-molded.com.
For over 40 years Henry Molded Products, Inc. has been providing customers with high quality molded fiber/pulp products. For more information about the company, please visit www.henry-molded.com.


Lifehacker Lists Best Things to Buy in October

It may be the beginning of fall, but holiday deals have already started, which means you can grab all sorts of deals during the month of October. Here are the best things to buy this month.

Every month, we look back at the best times to buy anything during the year, and pull out items each month to remind you what's coming. Obviously, none of this is to say you should go on a shopping spree—but if you've been holding off for a lower price on something, these are the things that get the sale treatment in October.

Full Story Here


Christian Post Interviews Ann Coulter on "Mugged"

By Alex Murashko , Christian Post Reporter

Never known to mince words, conservative political commentator Ann Coulter is doing a lot of talking about her recently released book, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama. Her media book tour comes just in time to mix it up with political pundits during the peak election season.

Coulter told The Christian Post in an exclusive interview on Monday that she could have saved herself "some trouble" while writing a previous book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism, published a-half-dozen years ago, by waiting on the 2012 Democratic National Convention "when they rejected God from the platform."

"That video they should play over and over and over again. It doesn't get much clearer than that," she said.

There is another "ism" that Coulter writes about in her new book released last week, and that is "racism."

Coulter writes in Mugged that "whenever the Democrats are in trouble, they accuse Republicans of 'racism.' For decades, the Left has been putting on a play with themselves as heroes in an ongoing civil rights movement – which they were mostly absent from at the time. Long after pervasive racial discrimination ended, they kept pretending America was being run by the Klan and that liberals were black America's only protectors.

"The Obama candidacy allowed liberals to engage in self-righteousness about race and get a hard-core Leftie in the White House at the same time," she continues in her book. "In 2008, we were told the only way for the nation to move past race was to elect him as president. And 53 percent of voters fell for it. The 2012 Obama campaign is going to inspire the greatest racial guilt-mongering of all time."

The Christian Post asked Coulter about her faith, Mugged, and about her views on civil rights as it pertains to not only blacks, but in the way gay activists and their supporters have framed the issue of same-sex marriage.


CP: Debate Could Decide Election

By Napp Nazworth , Christian Post Reporter

After President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney face each other in Wednesday night's debate in Denver, Colo., one question will generate much discussion: "Who won the debate?" Post-debate media coverage can influence both how citizens answer that question and whether the debates lead to substantive thinking about the issues, according to research.

"The presidential debates offer viewers a lot of substance about the issues of the campaign -- but post-debate media coverage can undermine the value they have for voters," concluded a study published last month in the Journal of Communication.

The study conducted by Ray Pingree, assistant professor of communication at Ohio State University, Andrea Quenette, a graduate student at Ohio State, and Rosanne Scholl, assistant professor of communications at Louisiana State University, found that those who watched media coverage that treated the debate as a sporting event, discussing who won the debate or which candidate looked better in the debate, were less able to engage in policy reasoning than those who watched media coverage discussing the issues in the debate.


AU Makes College "Best Buy" List for 6th Year

For the 6th consecutive year, Anderson University has been named one of “America’s 100 Best College Buys” by Institutional Research and Evaluation. The list is compiled independently to identify those schools that effectively combine quality and affordability. Only a third of the schools on the national list are private universities.

Institutional Research & Evaluation, Inc., based in Rome, Georgia, is an independent research and consulting organization.  Each year, it identifies the 100 American colleges and universities providing students the very highest quality education at the lowest cost.  No college or university paid to be included in the report.  Institutions are included solely on the basis of merit. The survey to determine the 100 best college buys was sent to 1,451 accredited residential four-year institutions.  

“AU President Evans Whitaker has said numerous times that we don’t design things to earn rankings or places on lists,” says AU spokesman Barry Ray. “However, we appreciate being included among some of the top universities in the nation in a list that recognizes the rare combination of quality and affordability.”


County Council Announces Half-Mill Tax Decrease 

By Greg Wilson

Anderson Observer Editor/Publisher

Anderson County Council announced a half-mill property tax cut for Anderson Tuesday night as part of Councilman Tom Allen’s discussion of fiscal improvements for the county over the past four years. Allen said the reduction is a result of a bond issue.

Allen said that over the past two and a half years, Anderson has been among the top five counties in the state in capital investment and job creation. He also said Anderson County has the highest international per capita in the United States.

Also on Tuesday night, Council Chairman Francis Crowder said recycling in Anderson County is down drastically in 2012, by almost 80 percent, and that unless the situation is reversed, increasing taxes or fees could be increased to make up the shortfall. In 2011, revenues from selling  recycled waste totaled almost $384,000. Through September of 2012, only $83,000 has been generated. The reduction is is partially blamed on private, for profit waste collectors and theft from the convenience centers.

Crowder requested an aggressive information campaign by the county in November and December in hopes of increasing recycling at the county collection centers.

“I know I don’t want to pay more taxes or fees because people are not recycling,” Crowder said.

Approved on second reading a pair of ordinances paving the way for the expansion of an company already in Anderson County which will bring 20 new jobs and a total new investment of $2.1 to the county. The name of the company will be released at the next council meeting at which time a public hearing will be held on the issue.

Council unanimously approved the promotion of Gail Driver to full time position of Clerk of Council with a three percent pay increase. Driver will replace Linda N. Eddleman, who is retiring after 30 years in the position.

In other business, council:

Approved a Fee In Lieu of Tax Arrangements with Henry Molded Products.

Approved on second reading, incentives to attract an existing South Carolina company, which had planned to move to North Carolina, into relocating here. The company makes molded paper shipping products.

Approved on first reading agreements to provide considerations to Sargent Metal Fabricators to participate in the joint development of an $800,000 industrial/business park.

Received a request of $20,000 from the Red Cross for disaster relief in Anderson County.


TD: S.C. Voter Law to Alllow Easier Voter Registration

South Carolina's online voter registration law has won federal approval, allowing just a few days for people to use the easier option to sign up to vote Nov. 6.

The U.S. Justice Department waited until its deadline to act on the state law signed in June. Under the 1965 Voting Rights Act, South Carolina must receive federal agency's approval for any election law change.

"The attorney general does not interpose any objection to the specified changes," reads the letter dated Oct. 1 and faxed to the state attorney general's office Tuesday morning.

The law passed unanimously by the Legislature removes several steps from the paper registration process. Supporters say the online option will help voters, improve the accuracy of voter rolls and save money. South Carolina becomes the 13th state nationwide to implement online voter registration.

The system was available by Tuesday afternoon through a link on the state Election Commission website. The commission had been awaiting the federal OK.

People who want to vote Nov. 6 can register through Saturday. State law requires registration at least 31 days ahead of an election.

"South Carolina has made important improvements to our registration and elections process in the last decade, and we are proud to announce one of the single most important changes to the process is now a reality," said Marci Andino, executive director of the State Election Commission. "There's no waiting in line, no forms to print out, nothing to mail in. Any eligible person can register in just minutes."

The online system requires a driver's license or Department of Motor Vehicles identification card number because information is checked through the DMV database. Once an application is accepted, voters can receive their registration card in the mail in as little as a day, Whitmire said.

The online registration law is separate from the voter ID law that the federal agency blocked.

That law requires voters to show government-issued photo identification at the polls, such as a driver's license or DMV card, which residents could obtain for free. But the Justice Department blocked that law from taking effect, saying it would disenfranchise minority voters. The state attorney general has challenged that decision, and the case is still pending in federal court.