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Pet of the Week P.A.W.S. SHELTER

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Driving Directions

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Closed Wednesday

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Animal Shelter

PAWS was able to save 94% of the animals in our care this week.

  •      Intakes:  80 ( 24 owner surrenders, 2 return adoption, 42 from Animal Control, 8 strays and 4 transfer in)
  •     Outcomes:  56 animals adopted, 0 died, 5 were euthanized for aggression or medical emergencies, 3 owner requested euthanasia, 10 returned to their owners, 35 transferred out to rescue groups
  •      Clinic performed 139 spay/neuter surgeries
  •      4 dogs were treated for heartworms     
  •      There are 94 animals available for adoption, 84 are spayed/neutered; 89%
  •      14 animals are being held for cour

We have orientations every 2nd Saturday from 10:30am-12:00pm and 4th Monday from 6:00p-7:30p. To be able to volunteer with us, we now ask that people do the orientations so we can give them a quick “dos and don’ts” of the shelter. This program is going to be head up by one of our animal caretakers, Danielle Parker.  People who are interested In volunteering can contact Danielle at or they can also contact Brittany Rambo at


Pets of the Week  

Buddy, Age: 5y: I’ve done the furternity and chasing squirrels thing. I still like going hard with my boys at the park sometimes, but I’m looking to settle down with a good girl. I’m ready for the leash!



















Casey, Age: 3y: I’ve been accused of being a “Stage 5 Clinger” but I prefer “Enthusiastic Sidekick.” Just looking for a rich girl willing to support my expensive treat habit. You also must be willing to drive me around. Unemployed, but otherwise a real catch! And, I love to play catch. Also, I love you


Little Bit, Age: 1yo: Are your paws tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day! I’m happy, playful, and affectionate! P.S. I like to make out on the first date. Been looking for my match for 126 days!












Susan, Age: 1yo: You look a little run down… I think you might be suffering from a lack of vitamin ME! My name is Susan, and I’m exactly what you need in your life. Not the best at selfies, much better looking IRL. PSA: You can’t buy love but you sure can adopt it!


Pets of The Week

Lou is a true king in a prince-sized package, though at times you just might mistake him for the court jester. He will charm you with his admiring eyes, always looking to you for cue on what to do next. Take King Lou out for a stroll (or a snuggle) and you just might want to offer him a castle of his own.







Look into my beautiful eyes! My name is Kale. I love tennis balls and any toy. I'm still deciding if I want to bring the ball back or not. Most of the time I bring it back and give you a kiss. I play well with others and I love long walks on the beach, playing soccer, and reading murder mysteries. I'm a great addition to any family. Come in and let me adopt you!












Luke is a sweet older gent looking for a kingdom for his own. Luke does well with other dogs, but prefers docile, females. He would love to have a couch and a big screen to watch the game on the weekends. Treat, treats would be good too! 






My name is Jugz. I'm very popular! I'm president of my class and I'm on the debate team! I know sit and love treats. I play well with my kennel mate. I also like to be right by your side. I would make a great addition to your family. 


Pets of the Week


Pets of the Week


My name is Scooby. You may see me looking out my kennel door at you looking hopeful. I was adopted and in a home for a long time but was brought back through no fault of my own. I am House trained!! I'm gentle on the leash and sweet and mellow. I'm almost a senior now and this isn't where I pictured spending my golden years. I would love a forever home to call my own where I can spend my time hanging out with the people I love and just relaxing. Come down and meet me, take me for a walk!






I love belly rubs. Sleeping is the best thing in the world next to my chew toys. I prefer to be an only child, I tolerate neutered male dogs but not a big fan of Females. I do not like using the potty in my house, so please take me for walks. I have short legs but a HUGE heart.





Mater there. My name's mater &...well...I'm kinda shy. I may talk a big game, but it may take a while to get used to you if you step into my cage. Just let me make the first move, okay? But if you give me a chance, I may just be your best friend one day!




Please meet Charcoal. She is a sweet little ball of energy. She enjoys being with her person and in their lap. She gives the best hugs. When outside Charcoal can not get enough of zooming away and zooming as fast as she can back to you. She is a well behaved girl in her kennel watching her days pass by. She is choosy about who her dog friends are so a meet and greet before bringing home would be best. Please come to Anderson County PAWS to meet this fun sweet girl with the piercing eyes. Charcoal said "little kids make me nervous so I'd prefer a home with either older children or adults."





Are you the person for me? Hi my name is Tara and I really am a sweet girl. I came in with my 2 siblings and they've all found homes but I'm still waiting for my forever home. I had a rough start at life and arrived at PAWS as a 8 month old puppy. I had an accident while here and broke my leg and it was a bad break that didn't heal well so I had to have that leg amputated. Don't be deterred though because I get around absolutely fine now! I need someone who's kind and patient and who'll show me the world isn't as scary as I think it is. I think I like other dogs too but I'd do a meet and greet with any potential doggies just to be sure. Won't you come down to PAWS and meet me?


Pets of the Week  

Cagney: I am as sweet as pumpkin pie! I LOVE treats and to cuddle! To the one who adopts me I want you to know that I will be forever faithful and I cant wait to meet you!




Don: I am a huge love bug and very gentle! I want to cuddle you all day and all night! I am timid at first sight but I come alive when I see someone who is interested in me! Take me out of my kennel for a walk, I am very well trained on my leash, and I can even sit on command! I promise to love you forever!


Lyla: My name is Lyla and I love to spend time with people! I am sweet, and definitely am going stick by your side. I really like to cuddle and spend time with family and friends! Come spend time with me, I'm sure we will hit it off!






Labor: I'm Labor and I am awesome! I am gentle yet playful and I even do pretty well on a leash! Take me outside and let me roam, I will be happy and content with just being out of my kennel! I can't wait to meet you!








Killian: HI, HI, HI! I am Killian and I love to run and play! I am super excited and hyped to meet anyone and everyone! I cant wait to play with you! Will you come play with me?? All I need is a space to run and someone to love me, I am a very happy puppy!