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Pet of the Week P.A.W.S. SHELTER

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Driving Directions

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Closed Wednesday

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Animal Shelter

PAWS was able to save 94% of the animals in our care this week.

  •      Intakes:  80 ( 24 owner surrenders, 2 return adoption, 42 from Animal Control, 8 strays and 4 transfer in)
  •     Outcomes:  56 animals adopted, 0 died, 5 were euthanized for aggression or medical emergencies, 3 owner requested euthanasia, 10 returned to their owners, 35 transferred out to rescue groups
  •      Clinic performed 139 spay/neuter surgeries
  •      4 dogs were treated for heartworms     
  •      There are 94 animals available for adoption, 84 are spayed/neutered; 89%
  •      14 animals are being held for cour

We have orientations every 2nd Saturday from 10:30am-12:00pm and 4th Monday from 6:00p-7:30p. To be able to volunteer with us, we now ask that people do the orientations so we can give them a quick “dos and don’ts” of the shelter. This program is going to be head up by one of our animal caretakers, Danielle Parker.  People who are interested In volunteering can contact Danielle at or they can also contact Brittany Rambo at


Pets of the Week

Hi! I am Daisey! I like to greet everyone with a wiggly butt and a smile! I am a sweet girl that gets along with most other dogs. I am up front with my new friend Lucille when you come to PAWS. I have been at several offsite adoption events but sadly I keep getting overlooked and I don't know why because I'm such a cutie and so happy to meet you. Come on down and take me for a walk!












Meet Ginger bread he is as sweet as his name. He is a polite gentleman on the leash. He knows how to play well with others and is a quiet friend not one to jump around and be crazy. He loves spending time with his person and does well keeping four on the floor. Ginger bread does well with kids as well. Please come to Anderson County PAWS to meet this gentleman. He is also suitable to have a doggie friend at home.


Pets of the Week

Hi my name is Charles. I am a fun loving gentleman. I know how to have a good time without being disrespectful of your space. I get along well with other dogs as well as people.

They say I am hyper in my kennel but I am just trying to get some attention because I am such a people dog. Take me home and I can show you how amazing I really can shine.

Please come to Anderson County PAWS to meet me.***Just an update***....I play really well with children and had a fun time playing with the kids at the week-long kids camp that took place at PAWS and the children loved me and I adore them too!












Rainbow is HIGHLY trainable.

Some dogs like water, some like toys, Rainbow Loves to work on new tricks.

Food motivated, focused and tail wagging the entire time. Does GREAT with kids and male dogs, but likes to chase small dogs!

She would be a good fit in any home, preferably with a male dog, but would THRIVE with an owner interested in teaching her new tricks, as that is what she loves to do. Her adoption fee is sponsored


Pets of the Week  


“Please meet Hunter. This boy is the ultimate love bug. He does not know a stranger dog or human alike. He is a happy boy that shows it by wiggling not only his nubby tail but his whole body. I have never seen this boy not happy and excited to face his days even in shelter life. He is as precious with children as he is with adults. Please come to Anderson County PAWS to meet this sweet wiggly boy.”








Meet Luigi, the clown of the shelter. Luigi loves life and lives to the best of his ability here but would love to find his forever family. He is as goofy as they get. He absolutely loves his time out playing with toys in play yard. He walks well on leash even for as big as he is. A meet and greet with his forever friend would be best because Luigi sometimes thinks a boogey man is sneaking up on him meeting a new dog. Once he finds out there is nothing scary he loves to play with a new friend. Luigi has a lot to talk to you about and will talk about whatever you want to. He adores people as much as he does his toys. Please come to Anderson County PAWS to meet this big fun boy.”




Pets of the Week 

Alayna is a 9-month-old American Shelter Dog! This breed is new to the mainstream media, but has been around since.. well since the very first animal shelter! Known for being loyal, loving and downright awesome, American Shelter Dogs are taking the world by storm, and Alayna is living up to the expectations of the breed! Alayna loves the company of people and other dogs. Toys are a must, as she loves to play and chew on noisy toys! Alayna enjoys sunbathing and catching rays with her furry and non-furry friends. Alayna is a character, she’s just waiting on her big break!












Meet Peter, a 3.5-year-old Shar Pei mix!.I have heard the saying, " a face only a mother could love", but dear Peter has a goofy personality that makes up for it. He is alert and happy in his kennel, take him out to the play yard for a real treat. Peter's absolute favorite is the soft plush toys he can grab between his floppy lips and throw up in the air. Peter also loves playing fetch though it has to be on his terms and it's hot here in the south! But, once he gets going he is a champion at playing fetch. He is more than happy to hang with his humans but seems to prefer the "beauty light" on himself making him more ideal as only boy.



Pets of the Week 

Meet Curry

Pet ID: 36818710

Breed: Terrier, American Pit Bull / Mix

Age: 4y 2m Gender: Female

Color: Chocolate / White

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Size: Medium 

“Hi my name is Curry. I LOVE life. I am a laugh the whole time you spend time with me. I would love a home with a dog friend, a soft bed and somewhere I could RUN. I take every day here in the shelter in stride and never have an unhappy day. I like to greet all the faces I see every day with a tail wag and a smile across my face. I promise if you take me out in play yard you will be laughing because I am a clown. I love other dogs so much I would love to have a forever one to play with. Come down to Anderson County PAWS to meet my happy go lucky self.”


Meet Bashful*

Pet ID: 38222921

Breed: Bulldog / Mix

Age: 1y 2m Gender: Male

Color: White / Brindle

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Size: Large

“Hiiiiii my name is Bashful, but I am really not bashful at all. When you take me out I have so much to say that I just cannot contain it I have to tell you all about my day. I get to meet so many dog friends during the day because I am so dog social. I love to be with children because they are so much fun. Please come to Anderson County PAWS to meet me I promise we can have so much fun.”